[041126] Kanon ~Standard Edition~ (Key, 2004)

Everybody sure knows about Key or its brand Visual Art’s Key by now. But… How they were on their early or 90s days? Here’s possibly one of the answers with Kanon, released originally in 1999(release here is 2004 one) by Key.

Anyway, not to much to say about it because it’s something that everybody knows about and it would be repeating the same things that everybody already said about this one in few recent years, even has an English patch wandering around here (for the Standard Edition release, of course).

Romaji Title – Kanon ~Standard Edition~
Japanese Title – N/A
Company – Key
Release Date – 2004/11/26
VNDB InfoHere / Getchu InfoHere

Donwload Link: Here

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What’s coming next? Soon you’ll know… Maybe some other RPG, maybe some other AVG-type-ish one.
Spoilers not happening.


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