[971017] Tales of the Nights ~Yumekyou no Miko~ {テイルスナイツ ~夢鏡の巫女~} (Tiare-JAST, 1997)

Lately feeling going more deep into the 90s. Just kidding, hahaha.

This time JAST stepped in with this one as a publisher, while being developed by Tiare.

Romaji Title – Tales of the Nights ~Yumekyou no Miko~
Japanese Title – テイルスナイツ ~夢鏡の巫女~
Company – JAST-Tiare
Release Date – 1997/10/17
VNDB Info – Here / Getchu InfoHere

Download Link: Here

Enjoy and comment, thanks for visiting NemuVN project, as always.
If you were looking for something new, for me the old is the new new, too.

Until next post, if I ever stop organising files everyday.

So can’t complain, isn’t it?

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