[980522] Castle Fanstasia (Studio e·go!, 1998)

First game to get posted here… After a loong wait.

As you already know this company, Studio e·go! is somehow known for making this series of RPGs called Castle Fantasia in its country of  Origin, and on top of that, we got an english patch released from the 2nd game of this series some years ago.

Title – Castle Fantasia / キャッスルファンタジア
Company – Studio e·go!
Release Date – 1998/05/22

Images of packaging and contents from original game will be posted in an album later, checking where could be best to store them.

Download Link: Here
Notes: This release is a First Press Edition, so wanted to point out that the box states that is fully compatible with Windows95 with CD-DA support(for OST tracks playing in-game.)
>> Tested on Windows98 (Japanese)

Thanks for your comments and also welcome again to NemuVN, a project that I hope it will be around for some time while I can.

PS: Currently not accepting any request, but sure you can make any requests where I usually go by from time to time.
Hope to get more stuff organised and… Stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “[980522] Castle Fanstasia (Studio e·go!, 1998)”

    1. Well, I did choose this one as this game has some basic gameplay elements, and because the 2nd one was known for its TL so I thought this could be a fresh title to start with as it’s somehow “known”, somehow “forgotten”.
      Who knows.


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