[990301] WORDS WORTH {ワーズ・ワース} (Elf, 1999)

Here we go with another classic game, but this time I would like to share the first Windows version of this one, made for Windows98 back in 1999.
Elf is very known for making titles like Nonomura Byouin no Hitobito (野々村病院の人々, 1996[Windows ver.]) and the already known by some people and appreciated titles like Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shoujo YU-NO(この世の果てで恋を唄う少女YU-NO, 2000[Windows ver.]).
So more or less you know what I am talking about here, enough with the introductions, maybe for other time more details will go on this website.

Title – Words Worth / ワーズ・ワース
Company – Elf
Release Date – 1999/03/01
 – Here

Donwload Link: Here

Now back to Words Worth, got first released for the NEC PC-9801, SHARP’s X68000 and Fujitsu FM-TOWNS back in 1993, until it made the leap to Windows 98 in 1999, and subsequently on Windows XP in 2004.
Everybody knows already the fact that a ‘Professional’ translation group called Fun Translations released a patch for it and was the only game from that company that got ever cracked and release on the net.
So don’t ask for the other patches or the one for Fortuna {フォルトゥーナ} (Zyx , 2001) because I don’t have them.

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And don’t ask for any other Fun Translation’s patches, just to remind you, ahaha!

[980522] Castle Fanstasia (Studio e·go!, 1998)

First game to get posted here… After a loong wait.

As you already know this company, Studio e·go! is somehow known for making this series of RPGs called Castle Fantasia in its country of  Origin, and on top of that, we got an english patch released from the 2nd game of this series some years ago.

Title – Castle Fantasia / キャッスルファンタジア
Company – Studio e·go!
Release Date – 1998/05/22

Images of packaging and contents from original game will be posted in an album later, checking where could be best to store them.

Download Link: Here
Notes: This release is a First Press Edition, so wanted to point out that the box states that is fully compatible with Windows95 with CD-DA support(for OST tracks playing in-game.)
>> Tested on Windows98 (Japanese)

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Hope to get more stuff organised and… Stay tuned.